Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beach Bum Babies

Happy summer from Maine! Yes we actually have summer up here, for those of you that think otherwise :) We have some exciting new products available for your summer activities, including supplies for the beach and our new Sckoon organic cotton outfits for baby!! I have heard more and more mothers on mainstream boards talking about what is most effective on their babies bums while they swim. The disposable swim diapers sag even though they are not supposed to hold water and you end up changing them so often that a trip to the pool or beach can be very costly in a “sposie” world. More and more mothers that don’t normally cloth diaper are turning to washable swim diapers. Our Kushies swim diapers are awesome, they fit snugly in the leg with extra gussets and both velcros and ties up in the front with no gaps so that nothing “gets out”….if you know what I mean! Perhaps this is going to be the vehicle for spreading the cloth diapering word to the masses - wouldn’t that be great? Think of the environmental impact of even a 20% reduction in diaper waste. Also in our Summer Fun section we have some great products from California Baby - SPF 30 sunscreen lotion, bug repellant and then an awesome repellant/sunscreen combo lotion which saves so much time and hassle - especially with wiggly toddlers. We love this CB combo lotion for our kiddos because it is all natural and made with essential oils - its also waterproof. We also carry a variety of other CB products.

We are excited to show off our new store and expanded products - so stop in if you are in the area or visit us at Bring the kiddies in to play and we can talk fluff! We are happy to answer any questions you might have either in person, by phone or email and wish everyone happy diapering!