Friday, January 30, 2009

Fuzzi Bunz One Size!

We have some exciting news to announce and wanted to hop on straight away in the hopes that you are hearing it from us first!! Fuzzi Bunz have come out with a new One Size Pocket – yes the answer to all our die-hard FB fans’ prayers! We put our orders in this month and hope to have them in stock mid-February….so stay tuned. Now a little about the long awaited diaper.

Fuzzi Bunz have always been set apart from the rest in that their design does not mirror any other pocket diaper and these new one-sized diapers are no less original. With most ones-size diapers, there are 3 distinct snap-down sizes – not with the new Fuzzi Bunz OS. Through adjustable leg elastics and the 4 adjustable waist sizes you get 10 different sizes in one diaper rather than the typical 3 – WOW.

We anticipate these being VERY popular and are only allowed a small order for this first run BUT have been promised monthly stocking as well as changes and tweaks to the diaper in the first 3-5 months. If you miss out on these during February, we will have more in March and April and so forth until they feel they have perfected the design and begin their normal production. We will definitely let all our blog readers know the minute the diapers are available for sale in our store and on-line orders so stay tuned. Below is a little chart showing the new design and how it works.

Oh and happy diapering :)