Monday, June 22, 2009

New Acquisition - Hugga Buns!

You heard it here, Maine Cloth Diaper Co. recently purchased a great company, Hugga Buns. The main product is a great pocket diaper, that comes in a rainbow of colors and either a tri-folded cotton/bamboo or hemp insert - super absorbent! This diaper is a really high quality product that one cannot see from the current product photos, you have to hold it in your own hands. The inside is super soft and the leg elastic is not going to let any messes escape! Additionally, with the super absorbent tri-fold insert the diaper is really trim and fits great.

We bought this company from the designer/creator of the diaper who put a lot of time and love into the product and we are very proud to now have it as part of the MCDC family. We want everyone to try one/some so we are offering them at a great price: $12.95 - they can be purchased either right here or at


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